Care Instructions


To prolong the longevity of the glaze of your item we recommend hand washing only.

Please do not use in the microwave or oven.

Please be aware of the rapid temperature changes as this may cause the item to crack.

As stains from coffee, tea or food occur, mix a paste of baking soda and a tiny amount of water. Massage into the stained area and leave until the paste changes colour and dries up. Rinse well. If stains persist repeat the process as necessary.

As the exterior surface of some items are left unglazed, a little more care is required to keep it always clean.
the surface is porous and therefore more susceptible to staining.
please do not leave food + liquids in contact with this surface for an extended period of time.
some foods such as turmeric, blueberries, tea and oil will more easily stain these surfaces,
as they are also used as natural dyes and need to be treated with more care when in use and being cleaned

Over time and continued usage natural markings will occur. This is to be celebrated as part of the beauty of these pieces, showing that they are well loved, everyday ceramics.